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The Natural Dairy


Bron Claridge


Our aim at The Natural Dairy is to produce whole fresh milk for the Waitaki district in an ethical and sustainable way. We are a small scale, family run, micro dairy with 18 cows on our 27 hectare/67 acre property, situated close to Oamaru.

We use glass bottles for our milk and we feel proud that we are doing our small part to help the environment. Minimally pasteurizing our milk helps to keep the goodness in the milk while maintaining a safe product for our customers. We keep calves with their mothers until weaning- they are getting the best start in life!

We deliver to homes in the Oamaru/Weston area and also deliver to local resellers in Oamaru. Our milk tastes like it used to in the old days; nothing taken out or put in. Straight from the cow, pasteurised, bottled and sold fresh to our wonderful customers.

Knowing where your food comes from and who produces it is a key part of the Oamaru Farmers Market kaupapa and we are excited to showcase our whole fresh milk to our customers.

Visitors are welcome on the farm and our shop is open daily. We are located at Shop 27 Bulleid Rd, Deborah, Oamaru 

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